What happens to little boys who make things up…

From an interview in The Onion with Neil Gaiman:

“All my life, I’ve felt that I was getting away with something because I was just making things up and writing them down, and that one day there would be a knock, and a man with a clipboard would be standing there and say, “It says here you’ve just been making things up all these years. Now it’s time to go off and work in a bank.” Because my grandmother or whoever would always warn me, as they always warn children, “Don’t make things up! You know what happens to little boys who make things up!” But they never tell you what happens. As far as I can tell, it involves being able to spend a lot of time at home, plus a bit of international travel, and staying in nice hotels, and lots of very nice people who want you to sign things for them. So.”

Someday I want to meet the guy just so I can muss up his hair and smile at him indulgently and go “awww…”

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