Beware the Ides and such…

It’s the beginning of my “fiscal year.” For no good reasons other than a) I feel the need to declare a beginning and ending so that I’ll take the process of becoming independent and self-sufficient a little less chaotically and add more intention and gravitas and general purposefulness to the whole thing as if I’m… Continue reading Beware the Ides and such…

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Monsoon Sonata

There will be rain at last. The parched desert floor and my sinuses are grateful. I am battling my lack of energy by engaging myself in more projects, both at work and outside of it. Hoping my life will get more well organized as a side effect. Some of it has to do with missing… Continue reading Monsoon Sonata

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Indie Proverbs

Saw “A Serious Man” about a month ago and “The Box” last night. The gist of both stories being, basically, humans are fallible but Karma will still get us in the end…heavy underlying religious themes in both. What is with the sudden rash of indie film moral quandry mongering? Actually really enjoyed both films. When… Continue reading Indie Proverbs

el día siguiente

Current mood:  contemplative New Year’s Eve…somehow hadn’t got the spine for it this year. I stepped into the cold parking lot of the neighborhood Denny’s for takeout hamburgers at 7pm in my leather jacket and plum Converse One Stars under an unexpected full moon. Spend most of the night curled up on the couch reading… Continue reading el día siguiente

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Of Sunday breakfast, Hackintosh Envy and Ian Svenonius

I wake on a Sunday and my small children brag about how many bowls of cereal they can eat in one sitting. Apple Jacks. We went to the regular grocery store for a change, instead of the socially responsible grocery store. My vehicle is out of commission and beggars can’t be choosers. Listening to Rasputina… Continue reading Of Sunday breakfast, Hackintosh Envy and Ian Svenonius

Gwenhwyfar lived to be old, Elaine did not…

…and the girls we once were float down the River to time and go under. Drowned, we all assume. But then again…lots of unexplained, feminine looking, sword brandishing hands emerging from the misty waters in these stories…had to have come from somewhere, originally…it’s not as though they ever found the bodies…dead is not always so… Continue reading Gwenhwyfar lived to be old, Elaine did not…

Gratefulness: 7 things on a Sunday Morning

1)Listening to our local “pirate” radio station run by baby 2)Breakfast is hostess cupcakes and mexican dark coffee with cream on the porch with candles and incense and the Sunday paper. Dishes can wait… 3)We won, we won, we fucking won…I volunteered my time and $5 I couldn’t afford to a candidate that actually… Continue reading Gratefulness: 7 things on a Sunday Morning