Cops: Captive entrant tortured

Cops: Captive entrant tortured

You know, people who accuse illegal immigrants of being deadbeats, welfare scams, whatever, usually ignore the fact that these are often people who risked death by dehydration, being shot at by border patrol agents and god knows what else because their situation back home was so bad as to be worth the risk. Not to mention sick bastards like this one.

Runes of the day…

Runes Of The Day:


…means daylight, and represents divine light. This rune generally refers to dawn (the initial sparking of energy) or to midday (the climax of energy). Both dawn and midday are symbolic of change, but unlike the changes in the perpetual circle of the year which are slow and subtle, the changes over a day are much faster and more dramatic. The breaking of a new day is symbolic of the rapid illumination of dismal circumstances, and is suggestive of Satori. Be careful – although this rune generally suggests a positive change, the symbology of a peaking point suggests that there must be a change downward as well. Fortunately for some, this rune is cyclic and irreversible, and so permanence is not promised – the only thing you can be sure of is an exciting ride.


…symbolizes the Auroch, a member of the ox family that became extinct long ago. This rune represents the strength, bravery, and endurance of this animal of old. Uruz portends the ability to meet problems head on and to overcome them. When the world was new, warriors used to test their strength against the Auroch. Hence, this rune has come to represent the masculine principle and the capacity to meet a challenge.


Ridiculous little poem I wrote myself weeks ago…

(Sung to the tune of “Anarchy In The UK” by the Sex Pistols)

Too old to be an anarchist

And too cold to be a child of christ

Don’t know what I want and don’t know how to get it

Don’t want to destroy

Just want oblivion