Amnesiac Lover

Baby’s an amnesiac and never ever calls you back you could die tonight of a heart attack amnesiac lover would never discover might confuse you with another tells the same stories tells the same stories tells the same stories a hundred times a day


When you’re absent minded, everything’s a pleasant surprise.


Some Pandoras never learn their lesson and just keep looking for other doors to open ignoring the ills for the hope left behind girls who are not wise clever but not wise (detritus)(poetica)(myth)(opinion)(divination)

Argue amongst yourselves

And who was she in some other incarnation? Friend,lover,sister,mother or mortal enemy? Seems strange still you haven’t known each other lifetimes Strange but true And who is she now? Lifesucking vampire? Bright,sweet muse? Thorn in your precious side? Nothing if not constant Yours for the taking Yet always out of reach You say so much… Continue reading Argue amongst yourselves


Ridiculous little poem I wrote myself weeks ago… (Sung to the tune of “Anarchy In The UK” by the Sex Pistols) Too old to be an anarchist And too cold to be a child of christ Don’t know what I want and don’t know how to get it Don’t want to destroy Just want oblivion