Diego’s Breaksfast Burrito

The most paper thin or tortillas, lightly fried and wrapped with precision around a filling of of nicely browned scrambled eggs, crispy bacon, fried potatoes, and cheddar cheese. With a side of hot sauce, and free coffee if you want it. For less than $3.00. And of course, there are variations on the theme. You can get a steak and egg burrito for $3.99 plus tax. Their carne asada is most lovely. They’re open 24 hours a day. With a drive through. I do so highly recommend it.

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Dreamt I was in the passenger seat of a car being driven by my Dad, with my grandfather sleeping in the backseat. We were driving up a very steep mountain on some sort of cross country trip, and no one could talk because it would distract the driver and we might all plummet to our doom. It was maybe in Tennessee or North Carolina. Somewhere Appalachian and foresty. Apparently we’d just been through a rather barren New Mexico. Due to the strange, amorphous geography of dreams…

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Repast of yore

Yearning for memories of childhood comfort, specifically staying at my grandparent’s house as a child, I made kielbasa,pierogi with butter and sour cream, and kosher dill pickles for dinner. And I ate like a heifer, and I am not ashamed.

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Runes of the day


Othila is the homeland. Land was the purest form of immovable wealth in Norse civilization, distinct from the movable wealth represented by Fehu. This rune speaks of stability and safety stemming from inheritance, both material and genetic. With respect to the question asked, consider the background of the people and families involved…

Hagalaz is the rune of hail. Hail is a destructive and elemental force, so one can expect this rune to represent the disruption of one’s life. In the harsh northern winter there is a halt to activity, and so delay or hindrance is frequently associated with this rune. The opposite of chaos is yet more chaos, as illustrated by the fact that this rune cannot be reversed.





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We were always…

…two coins of the same side,

but which was day and which night?

who is mourning, who was right?

I never wanted to be Guenevere,

but the part of Morgan Le Fay

had already been cast and understudied

by the time I rolled around

too much sweetness just leads to decay

too much dreaming

drags us into the

current and tide

to crash upon the rocks

victims of our own siren song

there was never anyone else

it was only ever an echo…

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The Most Famous of all Rhine Maidens

Myth of the Day:


The Lorelei is a rock in the Rhine near St. Goar which is associated with several legendary tales. The tale appears in many forms, but is best known through a poem by Heinrich Heine that begins “Ich weiss nicht was soll es bedeuten” (which means in English, “I don’t know what to make of it”). In the commonest form of the story, the Lorelei rock is a maiden who threw herself into the Rhine in despair over a faithless lover, and became a siren whose voice lured fishermen to destruction. A 13th-century legend entitled Der Marner says that the Nibelungen treasure was hidden beneath the rock. The tale may be connnected with the myth of Holda, queen of the elves. The queen supposedly sits combing her locks on the Hullenstein, and the man who sees her loses sight of reason, while he who listens is condemned to wander with her for ever. The legend, which Clement Brentano claimed as his own invention when he wrote his poem ?Zu Bacharach am Rheine” in his novel of Godwi (1802), bears all the marks of popular mythology. In the 19th century it formed material for a great number of songs, dramatic sketches, and operas, which are enumerated by Dr Hermann Seeliger in his Loreleysage in Dichtung und Musik (Leipzig-Reudnitz, 1898). The favourite poem with composers was Heine’s, set to music by some twenty-five musicians, the settings by Friedrich Silcher (from an old folk-song) and by Liszt being the most famous.

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Nobody Loves A Trumpet Player…

That was the excuse a friend of mine in high school used when anyone pointed out the fact that he didn’t have a girlfriend.

Or, rather, when he assumed it was being pointed out, because no one I knew was so cruel as to actually say anything of the sort.

Ninety percent of it was just in the reading.

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