I am inexplicably queasy this morning. End of summer migraine weirdness. It is a Monday in August of a year in which our cultural and societal debt is being referred to third party collections and our planet is on the verge of being repossessed by the forces of nature. It’s a scary time to be alive, I guess. Yet somehow we persist. Maybe out of a desire to see what happens next. How can we possibly get ourselves out of this mess. Tune in next week to see…

William Blake Tarot reading of the day…

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Click for Details The left card represents an important element of the past. Sun: Being illuminated by imagination and inspiration. Liberation from old patterns. Realization of your personal goals. Radiating joy, finding delight in life. A feeling of Returning to the Source. Angels on your shoulders. Things flowing smoothly. Dawning consciousness. Cutting away from the past. Feeling welcomed and at ease.
Click for Details The middle card represents a deciding element of the present. Eight of Music (Discontent): “Clouded with discontent & brooding in their minds terrible things”. Disappointment or dissatisfaction. Troubled emotions below the surface. Feeling at the mercy of circumstances. Possibility of emotional breakdown. Fears of what may happen. Apprehensions about the unknown. Paranoia. Feelings of missing out on something. Former values and friends no longer interest you. Wanting to escape the situation. In the creative process: Psychodrama and emotional torments can serve as imaginative stimulants. Expressing and documenting what you feel can be artful as well as healing.
Click for Details The right card represents a critical element of the future. Union: The successful coming-together of something vitally important to you. Getting your act together at last. The joining of male and female forces, or unification or inner and outer life. Not holding anything back. Being at the center. Completion. Spiritual