The Fool

“… Innocence and naivety are associated with The Fool,

for the young have no fear of new experiences or change.

As you grow older you can lose that childish innocence and

enthusiasm, and can become fearful and cynical of change

and new experiences.The mind of The Fool is always open, an empty vessel

eagerly waiting to be filled with new knowledge. Any

experience, pleasant or challenging, is life knowledge that

he accepts as part of his learning.The Fool does not sit on the fence waiting for life to come to him; he always takes the first step himself. The Fool

does not analyze all the possible risks of a new adventure;

he learns as he goes along. The fearlessness and sheer enthusiasm associated with The Fool makes for quite a maverick character, and often this

card can signify such a person, male or female, may step

into your life. It is your attitude that influences the choices and

decisions you make, and often your mind is so full of doubt

and fear that you become closed-minded to the possibilities

of change.When The Fool appears, ask yourself how open-minded you are

being at that moment in time, how enthusiastic are you

about life, and do you desire new experiences and

excitement but fear taking that first step?Any journey starts with the first step, and motivating yourself to take it is the hardest part. The Fool

encourages you to discover your inner child and harness

that youthful enthusiasm to help you on your way to a new

life and future.A time to exercise caution is when The Fool comes up as the

first card in a reading for you. You may want to question

your motives or judgment, since as this is the first card,

it can indicate folly. Perhaps you are motivated for the

wrong reasons, so look before you leap. You will have to deal with many twists and turns, paths and crossroads on your life journey and The Fool can help as a

sign post when you need to take a new path.”

Fun with Airmen part 2

Went to a bar last night to meet some friends. Witnessed a male air force officer and a woman in a black pantsuit nearly get into a fistfight over the war. Not the rightness or wrongness of it, either. They were arguing over whether the air force officer at the bar or the woman’s air force officer husband had “done more for the cause of freedom.” Incidentally, I wonder how the woman hoped to further the cause of freedom by hanging out in a bar displaying ample cleavage and hanging all over a man who was NOT her husband while said husband is overseas fighting “for freedom.” Anyway, as the two of them sparred I tried to offer myself as a sacrificial lamb, but no one bit:

“I’m against the war ENTIRELY! I voted for Gore! I was against the last Gulf war also!”

One tries to do one’s part…

America The Clueless

George W. Bush wants to “spread freedom” like it’s some kind of virus. The election’s in a dead heat. I can’t believe it’s a dead heat. I can’t believe people can’t see through this guy. I overheard a woman at work in the bathroom yesterday saying she was a registered Democrat, but she’d vote for Bush because she’d “heard John Kerry was a flipflopper on issues.” She heard it somewhere, probably didn’t even know what was meant by it and chose to change her vote on such a flimsy basis as that. What the hell is wrong with people? Why are Americans so willfully ignorant? Maybe the voters deserve what they get. Maybe it’s time to move to Canada.

Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated…

I’ve been feeling somewhat rather like shite on and off and things suck no less than usual, for the most part, but I am in fact still breathing for those of you who may have expressed concern. Love and lollipops from the Corbidful One who does not die no matter what they do to her.

Forward to the Blog: Silver Sea Fall Calendar

From: “Lady Elizabeth Amalthia Sterling”

Date: 2004/10/15 Fri PM 02:00:03 EDT


Subject: [SilverSeaSiren] Silver Sea Happenings!!!

The happening’s at the store that we have scheduled are as

follows :

Oct.16th- Club Crawl (street wide event)

Silver Sea features Live Music, Tarot Readings and Lollipops. Open till 1am

No Cover- wristband or no- there is no cost for this venue.

Oct. 30- Nightmare on Congress (street wide event)

Open late with Trick or Treating and specials and guest

performance artists.

No Cover.

Nov. 20- Gallery Silver Sea (in store event)

Gallery opening featuring promising *new* local artists.

Opening at 8pm. Work will be displayed from Nov. 20 thru

Dec. 20th. Gallery coordinator Suzzie Trouble.

No cover.

Nov. 27th- Open performance circle 8-10 pm

All performance mediums welcome! Low-key and non-sress way

to get some performance in or try it out for the first

time. All skill levels and styles welcome. We take turns

and go round the room, usually we keep it within 5 min or so

then switch to another person. Recording services will be

available from “The Basement Studios” (for a fee) if you

wish. The event has no cover charge itself 🙂 Yay 🙂


I am posing a new challenge to the readers of this blog in the tradition of “What would Jesus do?”

I want you to think deeply about the following in any given difficult situation: What Would Kurt Cobain Do?

Meditate on this and act accordingly, within reason, of course.

Thank you and goodnight.

The Corbidful One.

Lyrics Of The Day:

(The Cure,off Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me…)

“How Beautiful You Are”

You want to know why I hate you?

Well I’ll try and explain…

You remember that day in paris

When we wandered through the rain

And promised to each other

That we’d always think the same

And dreamed that dream

To be two souls as one

And stopped just as the sun set

And waited for the night

Outside a glittering building

Of glittering glass and burning light…

And in the road before us

Stood a weary greyish man

Who held a child upon his back

A small boy by the hand

The three of them were dressed in rags

And thinner than the air

And all six eyes stared fixedly on you

The father’s eyes said ’beautiful!

How beautiful you are!’

The boy’s eyes said

’how beautiful!

She shimmers like a star!’

The childs eyes uttered nothing

But a mute and utter joy

And filled my heart with shame for us

At the way we are

I turned to look at you

To read my thoughts upon your face

And gazed so deep into your eyes

So beautiful and strange

Until you spoke

And showed me understanding is a dream

’i hate these people staring

Make them go away from me!’

The fathers eyes said ’beautiful!

How beautiful you are!’

The boys eyes said

’how beautiful! she glitters like a star!’

The child’s eyes uttered joy

And stilled my heart with sadness

For the way we are

And this is why I hate you

And how I understand

That no-one ever knows or loves another

Or loves another