The Fool

“… Innocence and naivety are associated with The Fool, for the young have no fear of new experiences or change. As you grow older you can lose that childish innocence and enthusiasm, and can become fearful and cynical of change and new experiences.The mind of The Fool is always open, an empty vessel eagerly waiting… Continue reading The Fool

Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated…

I’ve been feeling somewhat rather like shite on and off and things suck no less than usual, for the most part, but I am in fact still breathing for those of you who may have expressed concern. Love and lollipops from the Corbidful One who does not die no matter what they do to her.

Forward to the Blog: Silver Sea Fall Calendar

From: “Lady Elizabeth Amalthia Sterling” Date: 2004/10/15 Fri PM 02:00:03 EDT To: Subject: [SilverSeaSiren] Silver Sea Happenings!!! The happening’s at the store that we have scheduled are as follows : Oct.16th- Club Crawl (street wide event) Silver Sea features Live Music, Tarot Readings and Lollipops. Open till 1am No Cover- wristband or no- there… Continue reading Forward to the Blog: Silver Sea Fall Calendar


I am posing a new challenge to the readers of this blog in the tradition of “What would Jesus do?” I want you to think deeply about the following in any given difficult situation: What Would Kurt Cobain Do? Meditate on this and act accordingly, within reason, of course. Thank you and goodnight. The Corbidful… Continue reading WWKCD?