Fun with Airmen part 2

Went to a bar last night to meet some friends. Witnessed a male air force officer and a woman in a black pantsuit nearly get into a fistfight over the war. Not the rightness or wrongness of it, either. They were arguing over whether the air force officer at the bar or the woman’s air force officer husband had “done more for the cause of freedom.” Incidentally, I wonder how the woman hoped to further the cause of freedom by hanging out in a bar displaying ample cleavage and hanging all over a man who was NOT her husband while said husband is overseas fighting “for freedom.” Anyway, as the two of them sparred I tried to offer myself as a sacrificial lamb, but no one bit:

“I’m against the war ENTIRELY! I voted for Gore! I was against the last Gulf war also!”

One tries to do one’s part…

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