Fun with Airmen part 2

Went to a bar last night to meet some friends. Witnessed a male air force officer and a woman in a black pantsuit nearly get into a fistfight over the war. Not the rightness or wrongness of it, either. They were arguing over whether the air force officer at the bar or the woman’s air force officer husband had “done more for the cause of freedom.” Incidentally, I wonder how the woman hoped to further the cause of freedom by hanging out in a bar displaying ample cleavage and hanging all over a man who was NOT her husband while said husband is overseas fighting “for freedom.” Anyway, as the two of them sparred I tried to offer myself as a sacrificial lamb, but no one bit:

“I’m against the war ENTIRELY! I voted for Gore! I was against the last Gulf war also!”

One tries to do one’s part…

America The Clueless

George W. Bush wants to “spread freedom” like it’s some kind of virus. The election’s in a dead heat. I can’t believe it’s a dead heat. I can’t believe people can’t see through this guy. I overheard a woman at work in the bathroom yesterday saying she was a registered Democrat, but she’d vote for Bush because she’d “heard John Kerry was a flipflopper on issues.” She heard it somewhere, probably didn’t even know what was meant by it and chose to change her vote on such a flimsy basis as that. What the hell is wrong with people? Why are Americans so willfully ignorant? Maybe the voters deserve what they get. Maybe it’s time to move to Canada.

Bad Santa indeed

Aaarrggh!!! I’d written a post and tried to post a link to a website that counted down the days until Christmas and was gunned down by a flash animation and loud musical rendition of electronic Jingle Bells. Ovewhelmed my browser. Won’t share the link as I have no desire to share the agony…

Wanted to mention that it’s International Buy Nothing Day and to add the caveat that local businesses and jewelry sellers in the mall, for example don’t count as evil corporate entities, so by all means, buy from such merchants as they:)

And learned there’s a textbook on blogging. WTF? How self indulgent is that? But I wouldn’t mind it for Christmas. Or else this.

Other then that, all you’ve missed was a pastry recipe and tales of maternal guilt, which I shall expound on at a later date.

Peace out. Or whatever. Hope you had a happy holiday.


Cardinal Sins of the Retail Economy

Went to the Barnes and Noble instead of the local indy bookseller again. Because the aisles are wider and they sell coffee in the store instead of three stores away. I’m going to politically incorrect consumer hell, I know. To compound things, I was going to take the girls to a nice little diner for lunch and gave up and went for fast food instead. I truly think most evil corporate empires in the world are fueled by the flat out laziness of the general populace in this country. We don’t have time to look for what we want, we want to be told what we want and then have it handed over to us in exchange for a reasonable amount of money. Even if it comes into our greedy little palms by way of sweatshop labor or fraudulent marketing or murdered orphan bunnies or something. We don’t want to know how it happens, we just want it and we want it now. I say as I sip my Starbucks/Barnes & Noble Christmas blend cafe au lait. Shame on you if all you can think about after reading that sentence is how good the coffee sounds:)

Peace,Love, and Armchair Revolution,

Corbid Ravenous, Pathetic Marketing Vicitm

Cops: Captive entrant tortured

Cops: Captive entrant tortured

You know, people who accuse illegal immigrants of being deadbeats, welfare scams, whatever, usually ignore the fact that these are often people who risked death by dehydration, being shot at by border patrol agents and god knows what else because their situation back home was so bad as to be worth the risk. Not to mention sick bastards like this one.