America The Clueless

George W. Bush wants to “spread freedom” like it’s some kind of virus. The election’s in a dead heat. I can’t believe it’s a dead heat. I can’t believe people can’t see through this guy. I overheard a woman at work in the bathroom yesterday saying she was a registered Democrat, but she’d vote for Bush because she’d “heard John Kerry was a flipflopper on issues.” She heard it somewhere, probably didn’t even know what was meant by it and chose to change her vote on such a flimsy basis as that. What the hell is wrong with people? Why are Americans so willfully ignorant? Maybe the voters deserve what they get. Maybe it’s time to move to Canada.

Laborday Blues (detritus)

Half drunk still, he lurked in the shadows and I stood in the doorway and he said I looked like Tori Amos “in a cool and beautiful way” but the camera had a low battery so this can be neither confirmed nor denied. Still I felt the need to preserve it for posterity. Vain and selfish creature that I am. Sometimes men who you know don’t love you are the ones who are most complimentary. And certainly you can trust them more. But holy fuck I’d have paid good money to hear a thing like that. Last week I found my keys and the remote control and I felt as if I’d won the lottery. I am a woman of simple delights. Every day, when I fail to wake up dead, I am grateful, except on the days that I wish I was dead which are thankfully sporadic in number mostly. Life is a mess but such a happy chaotic mess all the same. Love is what radiates from my girls’ rosy faces and lights up their eyes.Sweetness is a name for refusing to let the assholes that make up the general population get you down. Politics are overrunning my television. Fuck the fucking fascist regime. Vive le France and God Save The Queen and there’s no future and England’s dreaming. Vive le revolution. The answer my friend is blowing in the wind. Just vote and vote justly. I am a simple woman of simple joys but I’ll be damned if I sign my rights away to the corporate oligarchy this November. It’s labor day. Which means. Respect the working man! Fight for justice! Support your fellow man! It was never meant to be a day of picnics and white sales. Read Michael Moore today or listen to Jello Biafra or register to vote. Do something, damnit! It’s not too late (says the eternal optimist…)Just. Do it. Right Now.

thank you and good night