Today is one of those days…

…when I’m just kind of defeated coming in the door.

My soon to be ex-spouse has gone nutfuck and won’t see his own children because he thinks it will punish me somehow. I have overdue library books and overdue videos and paperwork that should have been mailed in ages ago. I have a returned check notice for a check my bank never told me about and that there should have been funds for over a mooth ago. My house is a wreck, my life is a wreck and I am so, so tired. I am so all alone. I know I have friends right now, but I reserve the right to feel very very alone, because I can’t talk on the phone or email with friends and attend to my household at the same time. And there’s just so much to do. And I’m PMSing like mad. And I just have to keep repeating “It gets better, it always gets better, and it could get so so worse…”

It’ll get better, it’s just life is all it is.

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Fun With Typos

Was entering in an order request at work the other day, and one of the items
was a tie dye kit listed as:
Tie Dye Kit With Shirt
Tie Dye Kit No Shirt.
Lucky for me I made a last minute sweep for accuracy, because I apparently
had entered the following:
Tie Dye Kit With Shirt
Tie Dye Kit No Shit.
I’m sure that would have been very appreciated coming as it does from a preteen oriented company, eh?

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Tragic truth

Women tend to be assigned a social role and expected to stick with it. If
you are strong and assertive no one recognizes the sweetness in you. If you
are warm and sweet and loving no one ever takes you seriously or thinks you
can take care of yourself. And so it goes. From time immemorial.

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I may be a huge sap…

..but I’m seriously digging on Casablanca right now….

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A Purgatory Of Thwarted Ambition Indeed…

An outtake from

a commentary posted at hipmama:

“‘Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’ — we understand that scorn to be one of sexual rejection. But what results when a woman’s intelligence is disdained just as cruelly? Gifted young women like Monica {Lewinsky} dwell in a purgatory of thwarted ambition. They find that while braininess and aggression are not encouraged, artful manipulation is available as the most powerful device in the feminine arsenal. Monica’s byzantine designs to further her affair with Clinton are the brilliantly neurotic symptoms of someone, who, as we say, ‘has too much time on her hands.’ This big girl should have been mentored to run the world, not run little games around the little men who inhabit it.”

To which I’ll add my own Clinton comment, which is that you’ve got to admire the man in that he was getting work done the whole time. Seriously. He was like on the phone to members of Congress and stuff the whole time he was, ehem, conducting business.

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Word of the Day I was unaware of…

[ik·SKOR·ee·ayt’, ik·SKOER·ee·ayt’]
1. to wear off the skin of, as a person or animal; abrade
2. to censure or denounce very strongly: “When Kendra decided to excoriate
the administration’s policies in an editorial for the local paper, she
acquired some powerful enemies.”
noun forms: excoriation, excoriator

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The Yew Tree

The Yew Tree

by Brian McNeill

as performed by the Battlefield Band

A mile frae Pencaitland, on the road to the sea

Stands a yew tree a thousand years old,

And the old women swear by the gray o? their hear

That it knows what the future will hold,

For the shadow of Scotland surround you,

?Mid the kail and the corn and the kye.

All the hopes and the fears of a thousand long years,

Under the Lothian sky.


My bonny yew tree, tell me what do you see.

My bonny yew tree, tell me what do you see.

Did you look through the haze o? the long summer days

To the south and the far English border?

All the bonnets o? steel on Flodden?s cold field.

Did they march by your side in good order?

Did you ask them the price of their glory

When you heard the great slaughter begin?

All the dust o? their bones Would rise up frae the stones

To bring tears to the eyes o? the wind.


Not once did you speak for the poor or the weak

When the moss-troopers lay in your shade

For to hide frae the thunder and count all the plunder

And share out the spoils o? the raid.

But you saw the smiles o? the gentry,

And the laughter of lords at their gains,

Oh, when the poor hunt the poor

Through mountain and moor,

The rich man can keep them in chains.


And there as I stood and laid hands to your wood

It might be a kindness to fell you.

One kiss o? the axe and you?re freed frae the racks

O? the sad bloody tales that we tell you.

But a wee bird flew from your branches

And sang out as never before.

And the song that he sang was a thousand years old.

And to learn it along thousand more.


My bonny yew tree, tell me what can you see?


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Runes of the Day, June 25th…

Man refers to Mankind and your interaction with the whole of human population. This rune is reversed, suggesting a separation from your fellow man. There is a lack of harmony in your interaction with others, either because you do not accept society or society does not accept you. Alternatively, this rune may also represent your separation from nature, and your ability to rise above the base level of being. As the rune is reversed, this may suggest an incomplete level of spiritual attainment or an intellectual block.

Eoh refers to the Yew tree. The Yew does not go dormant and therefore represents endurance. Even the wood of the tree is strong, resilient, and pliable – the Yew bends, but does not break. The evergreen nature of the Yew is present even in the rune itself, as it cannot be changed even by reversal. This rune is historically symbolic of death, but, as in the Tarot and as suggested by the nature of the Yew tree itself, death is seen only as a transmutation of something eternal and unchanging – the spirit.


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