Today is one of those days…

…when I’m just kind of defeated coming in the door.

My soon to be ex-spouse has gone nutfuck and won’t see his own children because he thinks it will punish me somehow. I have overdue library books and overdue videos and paperwork that should have been mailed in ages ago. I have a returned check notice for a check my bank never told me about and that there should have been funds for over a mooth ago. My house is a wreck, my life is a wreck and I am so, so tired. I am so all alone. I know I have friends right now, but I reserve the right to feel very very alone, because I can’t talk on the phone or email with friends and attend to my household at the same time. And there’s just so much to do. And I’m PMSing like mad. And I just have to keep repeating “It gets better, it always gets better, and it could get so so worse…”

It’ll get better, it’s just life is all it is.

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