A Purgatory Of Thwarted Ambition Indeed…

An outtake from

a commentary posted at hipmama:

“‘Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’ — we understand that scorn to be one of sexual rejection. But what results when a woman’s intelligence is disdained just as cruelly? Gifted young women like Monica {Lewinsky} dwell in a purgatory of thwarted ambition. They find that while braininess and aggression are not encouraged, artful manipulation is available as the most powerful device in the feminine arsenal. Monica’s byzantine designs to further her affair with Clinton are the brilliantly neurotic symptoms of someone, who, as we say, ‘has too much time on her hands.’ This big girl should have been mentored to run the world, not run little games around the little men who inhabit it.”

To which I’ll add my own Clinton comment, which is that you’ve got to admire the man in that he was getting work done the whole time. Seriously. He was like on the phone to members of Congress and stuff the whole time he was, ehem, conducting business.

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