So, I’m in the running for a door cashier gig at Club Congress…

Who would ever have guessed someday I’d have a job interview that included the question “How would you describe The Sweat Band to someone who’d never heard them?”
Or that I’d get a chance to interview with a real live Sand Ruby?
Oh, the glamourness of my life…

“The punk rock’ll kill you if the government don’t get you first…”
-Rhett Miller of The Old 97s

Cardinal Sins of the Retail Economy

Went to the Barnes and Noble instead of the local indy bookseller again. Because the aisles are wider and they sell coffee in the store instead of three stores away. I’m going to politically incorrect consumer hell, I know. To compound things, I was going to take the girls to a nice little diner for lunch and gave up and went for fast food instead. I truly think most evil corporate empires in the world are fueled by the flat out laziness of the general populace in this country. We don’t have time to look for what we want, we want to be told what we want and then have it handed over to us in exchange for a reasonable amount of money. Even if it comes into our greedy little palms by way of sweatshop labor or fraudulent marketing or murdered orphan bunnies or something. We don’t want to know how it happens, we just want it and we want it now. I say as I sip my Starbucks/Barnes & Noble Christmas blend cafe au lait. Shame on you if all you can think about after reading that sentence is how good the coffee sounds:)

Peace,Love, and Armchair Revolution,

Corbid Ravenous, Pathetic Marketing Vicitm

21st century girl

Realized we have not yet achieved an elctronic universe yet when it comes to money, at least in some choice locations. Drove all the way downtown then realized I had no change for the friggin parking meters. contemplated finding an ATM machine, then spending some cash somewhere, then said fuck it, I have a sleeping baby in the car and left. Maybe next time…