Argue amongst yourselves

And who was she in some other incarnation?

Friend,lover,sister,mother or mortal enemy?

Seems strange still you haven’t known each other lifetimes

Strange but true

And who

is she now?

Lifesucking vampire?

Bright,sweet muse?

Thorn in your precious side?

Nothing if not constant

Yours for the taking

Yet always out of reach

You say so much in silences

You say too much in silences

Say too much in words and the world falls down

A heart on a sleeve

is just another piece of meat

so fresh and bleeding and bittersweet

Serve it up with fillet of soul

on the heirloom china

with parsely butter and a wedge of lemon

Lay out the priceless silver and the fine linens

Coyote shall dine like a king tonight

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