For the last time, I’m not in the “recycled computers” business

Interesting discussion at my work: re advertising. People wonder what it is we “do” even when we stand in front of a sign explicity stating “We buy used I.T./We sell used I.T.”

Then, if they do “get it” they still misunderstand the “sell” part and think we are in the used Pentium II computer disposal business. “How nice, do you donate those to schools?” they will say.

No. We do not. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Try “Emergency Procurement.” Try “mission critical.” Think “warrantied refurbished” and out of production but still in use. We provide that “one missing part” to keep your legacy system alive. We help recoup your costs for that shiny new promising piece of equipment still in the box that your I.T. department decided against after all of that planning.

Any questions?

Here’s some of the stuff we do sell…