“If I Should Fall From Grace”

This is a documentary about Shane MacGowan about what a lyrical genius and an unrepentant drunk he is, and it’s just f’ing awesome, I must say. Cameo appearance/interview segments with the fabulous Mr. Nick Cave abound. There’s a bonus sing-along feature and an interesting little outtake of Shane peeing in the bushes. Klassy with a Kapital “K.”

Also rented “The Last Seduction” which was noirishly badass and I’d somehow never gotten around to seeing. And some Japanime because I’m a bit of a geek. No tentacles, though.

My latest read was exquisite in its fashion: “Idlewild” by Nick Sagan (son of Carl.)
Like “The Matrix” with shades of “The Breakfast Club.”

Other joys of late:

A “new” old Pernice brothers CD found at Barnes and Noble before my cash ran out for the week.

Latte from Caffe Nation, complete with an encounter with an old acquaintance that keeps popping up randomly every couple of years.

Peach pie and Beamish Stout at the Congress Street Grill (unofficial motto: exquisite diner cuisine cuisine served with a sneer)along with nibbles of Lizzie’s “gianormous” pancakes.

But number one on my list has been the joy of manning the front desk today, so I have leisure to read and websurf and post. It’s like a vacation on the job, except for those occasional pesky callers…