Even Japanese mythology is bizarre…

Once upon a time there was a monk who was in service to a high priest. He

was married and had children.

One summer day, this man accompanied his master to Mii temple. It was a hot

day and he was sleepy so he took a nap in a hidden corner in the hall of the

temple. He had a dream and in his dream he was visited by a beautiful woman.

They made love in the dream and the sensation was so vivid and intense that

he climaxed in ecstasy.

When he awoke he found a large snake laying by his side. His own clothes

were wet with his ejaculation but he was astonished to see the snake lying

dead with its mouth wide open. He was even more shocked to see his semen in

the mouth of the snake. He had been making love with this snake in his dream

and the snake had choked and died afterwards.

The man was afraid and secretly washed himself. He wanted to tell others of

the strange thing that had happened to him, but refrained for fear of

damaging his reputation. He became sick for a while, but nothing else came

of it.

Be careful where you sleep, if others are not around!