el día siguiente

Current mood:  contemplative

New Year’s Eve…somehow hadn’t got the spine for it this year.

I stepped into the cold parking lot of the neighborhood Denny’s for takeout hamburgers at 7pm in my leather jacket and plum Converse One Stars under an unexpected full moon. Spend most of the night curled up on the couch reading a book on my Android phone. At midnight, we watched Squidbillies and I drank a lonely glass of Bushmills Irish Whiskey and stepped outside to watch the neighborhood fireworks. New Year’s Eve, I was inexplicably melancholy and chilled to the core and felt like the world might end around me with its proverbial whisper. Could only think that next year would be better. Don’t know what it was. Well that’s not true. It was a lot of things. It was a REALLY LONG year. A quiet year. A year for loss and subtle change and disappearing by degrees.

This year is a year for building things and changing things and turning appropriate molehills into mountains. A year for not saying “no” just because it’s easy. A year for being, not simply observing…

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