Chris who?

Was, embarrassingly enough, watching “Gilmore Girls” on Tuesday night as the remote control was lost. This actor who was in a lot of Whit Stillman movies had a guest role and I couldn’t remember his last name. I kept saying, it’s Chris…it’s Chris…but I couldn’t remember his last name. So I went to sleep. And I had one of those weird high school dreams, where people you know from all phases of your life keep popping up and you never actually attend any classes or anything. Anyway, there he was in the hallway and I turned to a friend and said, “Hey, look it’s Chris Eigeman!” Because that’s who it was. The brain does work in mysterious ways…

Incidentally, there used to be a checkout guy at Trader Joe’s who looked just like Chris Eigeman, and I used to get pissed off because he never carded me.

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