Not an exaggeration:I’m completely fucked right now…

… my goose is cooked – the fat lady has sung – the devil wants his due, etc. My life has persisted in becoming a nightmare of Jobian proportions and now on top of the job layoff followed by loss of income, followed by loss of transportation and a job offer way too far away to take the bus to, followed by fumigation and possible threat to my ability to maintain custody of my children,followed by the unexpectedly and seriously delayed paycheck that forced me to borrow $700 from my ex to pay rent and the electric bill, it now appears I am going to be evicted. There was a slim chance I could have worked out a solution, but then my ex put a stop payment on the rent check since I was “going to be evicted anyway, so why waste $500?” So now I have a health and safety dispute over the fumigation issue, plus I’m in arrears. I am so fucked. I don’t know where I’ll be sleeping this weekend, much less when I get to keep the girls next. I was already two weeks behind schedule for getting “my week” of custody due to the above mentioned issues and it was making me nuts. If I lose my girls I will die. Fuck. I am so screwed. Anyone who knows me well enough to have my phone number should probably call me asap. I’m not sure how or if you can help, but I need all the help I can get right now. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. Don’t ever say “it can’t get worse.” It can always get worse. And it probably always will.



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