Simple Rituals if one were inclined to believe in that sort of thing…

Ending Depression

Recite 3 times the following:

Blessed Mother turn your face,

See with Love this empty space,

Renew my heart with love for life.

Remove from me this pain and strife.

Catalyst for Change

Need: a piece of clear quartz or a diamond.

Hold the quartz in your hand, close your eyes and take three deep breaths. Bring to mind all the restrictions and limitations in your life. Allow yourself to feel any emotions that surface as a result. Visualize your limitations, see your frustration transforming. See them become a catalyst for change, motivate you to release the past and create a better future.

Know that, just like coal is transformed into a diamond by intense pressure, your life’s frustrations and pressures are working to create a better you. Carry the crystal with you as a reminder.

Finding the perfect job

Need: Classified section, tape or glue, paper/pen, marker, objects to burn paper.

Write or type a blurb about yourself as if you are writing a help-available ad. Include your general qualities, what you’d like to do day to day at work, your pay range, be realistic.

Now, write a help-wanted ad. Don’t mention any specific company or employer. Just write it so that the job position would be a perfect match to what you wrote for your help-available post.

Glue both ads into the appropriate part of the classified section of the newspaper.

Cast a circle. Inside the circle, take a black marker and circle both of your ads, connecting them with a line. This is your new Perfect Job Symbol. Concentrate on it.

Burn the newspaper, releasing your intent. In a few days, look through the want ads and find your job waiting for you.


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