It’s my birthday and I’ll quote Bowie if I want to…

“Time is waiting in the wings, it speaks of senseless things …we should be old by now…”

Lalala, I don’t feel any older than I did yesterday. Give it time. My darling eldest girl toasted me with a desktop background of “birthday bear” and a gif of a chocolate cake with one candle. Cause that’s how she says “I love you.” My sister got me a gift certificate for a “chocolate manicure.” Where they give you chocolates and all the treatments are chocolate scented. Thus combining my love of candy with a fix for my tragic lack of fingernail grooming. I’m getting a “surprise” present shortly. So far, no Thackery Lambshead, though.

Can’t have everything, right? And now I’ve lived past thirty, so I can’t be a tragic poet/novelist ala Sylvia Plath or Virginia Wolf. Sigh. Alas, one by one, all our teenage dreams go unrealized…

Corbid the Elder

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