Why I’ve dumped most of the men I’ve ever been with…

…simple neglect.

I ask very, very little. That doesn’t mean I want nothing. So maybe I’ve got it all wrong. Maybe I should stop being so easy going and understanding and then I won’t ever be in a position to be treated like a doormat again. Maybe failure to be demanding is essentially saying to a guy “your needs and quirks and intricacies are way more important than anything to do with stupid little me. Which is why they are repeatedly baffled when I make any sort of request at all and stunned when I react negatively to their inevitable failure to fulfill said request. Maybe it’s my own fault, I don’t know. All I know is that I never, EVER want to hear anything approximating the following phrases ever again:

“Can we just order pizza for our anniversary dinner?”

“I know we RSVPd a month ago but can we blow off the party? I’m tired.”

“Let’s skip Christmas presents this year. It’ll save so much money and I don’t really care about presents.”

Perhaps I ask too much. Perhaps my only sexual appeal is in that doormat type quality. But damned if the next guy I date won’t be required to fake a little enthusiasm when I enter a room.



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