Collective Abstract Replies

To the one I always write to first. A query of sorts, I suppose. They are amazing lyrics, but from whence do they come and who do they mean? Or does all that really matter much at all (I suppose not) in the end? Is it all Velvet Oedipal Pontification ?

Whlie he is the Court Jester, she is the queen of swords. Sharp of wit but heavy in spirit, your words are more beautiful when you are lighter than air. Cast off the weight of the world and don’t be afraid to let your sweetness show. Thinking of you. I have books with your name on them (both literally and figuaratively speaking.) I am wishing you a week free of care to the extent that this is humanly possible.

To my favorite Fallen Woman, I am wishing you good fortune and the loan of my stubbornness. You are tireless but sometimes you wonder what it’s all for. I’ll remind you. You may work your ass off now, but you are accountable to no one but yourself and that is worth its weight in platinum. And the ass that you’re working off is much more enviable than it used to be 🙂 Your confidence and strength and beauty shine through and inspire us all. But it’s okay to doubt that sometimes and I’m here for that when you need me.

I know a young mother who lives in a shoe…she wears so many hats you’d think she wouldn’t know what to do. In lieu of less plausible wishes, I wish her further extensions of credit and well behaving boys and a great sales week. And a sale on green tea.

My sister doesn’t read this, but I’m wishing bonus points into the universe because she thought of me in a kind way. Okay, so it was a bit condescending but as sweet as she gets and I’ll give her credit (long story.)

To my favorite belly dancing vegetarian – haven’t forgotten you, I’m just feeble minded and forget to call till it’s too late at night…

I’m probably forgetting people. I don’t know who all reads this thing. So I’ll just wish general goodness to all whom I have the good fortune of being acquainted with.

Peace, Love and Jellybeans,

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