Selfish Bastards Unite

I think most people fail to realize one of the simplest concepts graspable, which is that we are all basically selfish bastards at heart, and that what makes us human is the process of overcoming that. It isn’t really that nefarious a concept. It’s simply basic biology and human nature. The hierarchy of needs and all that. We are born into this world with an instinctual urge to seek out shelter and food and comfort. Our basic mammalian instincts force us to seek out our own happiness. Humanity is the process by which allowing for the needs and concerns of others to become part of that process of taking care of ourselves as individuals. When the knowledge of the sruvival and happiness of those around us become a neccessary part of our individual well being. Love is the unnatural state in which another person’s happiness can content you and when their pain becomes inextricably entwined with your own. The fact that any other human being can take the great and wondrous leap from a primary concern with self preservation to caring enough about another human being to empathize with or love or even hate them is rather a miracle in and of itself. The fact that there are people in our lives at all, regardless of how difficult they may be to make allowances for, is just kind of amazing. Perhaps we should appreciate that more. Count our blessings or whatever. Just a thought.

Corbid Waxing Philosophic on A Thrusday

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