Six kids, two moms and a lot of cheese and crackers…

When we were, I suppose, about 20, my friend Tina had her first baby I came to see her and I stood on her doorstep as we were leaving and swore our kids would grow up to be friends. As the years passed, life happened and it looked less and less likely that that would ever be a possibility. But here we are years later back in our hometown with about as many bad things in common as we have good and in some ways it’s like no time has passed at all. In other ways, it’s like a million years have passed, but so goes it. Anyway, Tina’s boys and my girls played together and it was beautiful chaos. They all had a blast, and it’s so nice to hang out with someone else who doesn’t have a stick up teir ass when it comes to discipline, frankly. There was some degree of running wild, but everyone was safe and happy and nothing got destroyed, which is all one can ask out of life, really. It was especially cool to see the two babies interact, both of them being somewhat unused to playmates their own age. Mainly it consisted of handing each other things and running away. So cute. And amidst it all, we actually managed to get a little work done too. Go figure. Thanks Tina! Let’s do it again soon!

In other news, I am alternately waging a rather aggressive job search and groveling in humility at the feet of several cruelly benevolent state agencies in an effort to pay my rent and go on with my life. I have $335 to go and 4 days in which to acquire it. But ny oh so understanding parents have performed the great and generous task of delivering their unwanted, expired can goods to my doorsteo unnanounced. Thank you, Mom and Dad, maybe I can sell your half box of stale oatmeal packets and the bottle of salt free ketchup on the black market at a good markup or something. If you haven’t yet heard the details of my parents’ recent “supportive” speech, well, it’s really all too sordid to repeat, but suffice it to say some of the Chrisitans I know are terribly unchristian in their attitudes towards people in need. I bet if I “found Jesus” somebody’d come up with the rent money, but I’m, sticking to my new policy of brutal honesty and forthfrightness even if it hurts, warts and all. Saying I believed in god would be a lie, and lying to avoid hurt feelings leads to lying to save face, leads to lying for personal gain, and I’ve at certain points in recent history been gradually compelled to lie way more than I’ve ever wanted to and I never want to be that kind of person again. That’s an approach to life worth modeling for my girls, I think.

Speaking of the girls, my wee little Miss Sarah Peanut is turning two on Tuesday! She won’t be a baby anymore:(

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