Thought I Had

You know how when men have a problem or some sort of crisis or issue,
generally they want to talk about it, but they don’t want a solution? They
just want to hear “that sucks” or “what a bummer” and then maybe hear a
good joke to take their minds off the thing, and other guys instinctively
know this? Well I think the equivalent with women is ego stroking.
Seriously. Something I’ve been noticing lately is as soon as one woman
goes to another with a major crisis, the other woman always ends the
conversation with “You’re such a
strong/intelligent/beautiful/fill-in-theblank person and I know you’ll get
through this.” Or something like that. And even if we know it’s a load of
shit it somehow always makes us feel better. And if men and women just
realized this about each other, maybe we would all get along just
famously. Or at least we would stick our feet in our mouths on a less
regular basis. Or something.

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