Free Association

For your profound amusement,here are the first 20 tracks of my involuntary
inner DJ this morning in semi chronological order.
Don’t ask me to explain them, I just report the news:

Nine Inch Nails:”Head Like A Hole”
Nick Lowe:”Cruel To Be Kind”
The Cure:”Killing An Arab”
Bowie:”Sons of the Silent Age”
The English Beat:”Save It For Later”
Duran Duran: “Planet Earth”
John Lennon:”Julia”
Replacements:”Anywhere Is Better Than Here”
Depeche Mode:”To Have And To Hold”
Elvis Costello:”Welcome to the Working Week”
Suicidal Tendencies:”Institutionalize”
Violent Femmes:”Add It Up”
Plimsouls:”A Million Miles Away”
Strawberry Alarm Clock:”Incense And Peppermints”
Pink Floyd:”Time”
Eagles:”Life In The Fast Lane”
Boomtown Rats:”She’s So Modern”
Tori Amos:”Horses”
Linda Ronstadt:”Silver Threads and Golden Needles”

Coming soon: The story of my Neil Gaiman dream…

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