A man deep in crisis turns to his bible for answers.
“Oh Lord.” he intones “please bless me with your divine guidance, for I am
troubled and in need of your righteous counsel.
Please show me a sign.”
Impatiently, he opens to a random passage and reads aloud.
“Judas hanged himself.”
Grimly he laughs and kneels again in prayer.
“Oh, wise and great Holy Father, I am in need of further guidance.
I am but an ignorant sinner and do not understand the scriptures. Guide me
He turns to another random page. Closes his eyes and points.
“Oh, most Holy One, I shall obey the sacred word as is your will.”
He looks down and reads again:
“Go thou and do likewise.”
Sheepishly he grins and looks up at the heavens.
“Um, Lord? How about best out of three?”

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