Donald in the tiger’s den…

So the girls and I are at the zoo. And we’re standing in front of an exhibit. Behind the glass are two large, beautiful asian tigers lounging on the grass in front of a spectacular simulated waterfall.The baby gets very excited and starts pointing animatedly.

“Look,look!” she shouts.

“Yes, that’s a tiger, sweetie. Can you say tiger?”

“Look, a duck!”

And there was indeed a bird by the pond. Not an actual duck, more ravenish than duckish, but close enough for her.

This continued throughout our visit. Any birdlike creature anywhere near a pond was a “duck” and the exotic animals to whom the ponds belonged were considered mere windowdressing in an ongoing parade of ducklike creatures. When we finally got to the actual duck area, it was rather anticlimactic for her, to tell the truth.

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