Help, I’m dyeing…

It’s been a rit dye and henna kind of day. I cheaped out and tried to put too many clothes in at once, so they were just grey. So then I had to sacrifice my brown dye in an attempt to rectify the problem. Which resulted in a very cool shade of purple with grey undertones. SO I’m keeping about half the clothes that turned out that way, then going back for more black dye for the rest. Once my hair’s finished marinating, that is. That, thank goddess, I finally have down to somewhat of a science. Decided to spend my birthday money rejuvenating things I have instead of buying new shite. I may be getting older, but my stuff will have a new lease on life, at least.

Yes, it’s going to be my birthday. Saturday. The 8th. The 9th being Mother’s Day (that way this becomes a public service announcement instead of a shameless plea to be wished “Happy Birthday.”

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