Runes of the Day: “maintaining the status quo”

Thurisaz (reversed)

(Also called Thorn; Letter: TH; Old Norse name: Thurs)

Thurisaz is a very ancient name for Thor, so it’s not surprising that it is a most powerful rune. Thurisaz can be used and interpreted as a protection rune. Plants grow thorns to protect themselves, so the logic is clear. Drawing a ring of Thurisaz runes around something is an excellent protection spell. However, Thurisaz has a dark side. After all, thorns protect by pricking and drawing blood. One should step carefully with this rune and treat it respectfully. It can backfire just as easily as it can work for you. In a reading, Thurisaz upright stands as a warning to the querent, especially if the querent is acting as though his run of good luck is neverending. Thurisaz often suggests that the querent is being wrongheaded about the issue at hand, and advises the querent to maintain status quo until the period indicated by the runecast is over. Thurisaz reversed means much the same thing as it does upright, except that the querent may be much more difficult to counsel, much more stubborn and unwilling to heed Thurisaz’s warning.


(Also called Nied; Letter: N; Old Norse name: Naudr)

Another somewhat negative rune, the meaning of Nauthiz is apparent in its other spelling, Nied-pronounced “need.” When Nauthiz appears in a reading, it almost always indicates something that the querent needs. What that something is will often be spelled out in the surrounding runes. Most important, though, is that until the querent does something about this need, she will be restricted or constrained from moving forward. Sometimes Nauthiz will appear as a warning of upcoming trouble, delay, ill health, or shortage of some kind, and because of this, Nauthiz can be interpreted to mean “maintain the status quo.” As a result rune, Nauthiz indicates that the querent will get what she wanted, but what she wanted may not have been what she needed, and the situation may continue. Nauthiz is associated with Skuld, the Norn of the future.


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