All hail the powers of Souper Salad…

1)It’s cheap, so very cheap – all you can eat for $5.49, plus the cost of your beverage.
2)Babies eat free, children 5 to 12 are $.99, and they have child friendly things like fake goldfish crackers and raisins and animal cookies,.
3)The awe inspiring variety of it all: Salad, vegetables , meat, cheese, fruit, pasta salad, potato salad, three different soups a day, baked potato bar, taco bar, nachos, gingerbread, blueberry muffins, strawberry shortcake and soft serve ice cream , I swear to god.
4)They don’t complain about the mess when you’re done.
5)Did I mention it was all you can eat?

Top it off with a trip to the park and you have an outing fit for a couple of wee princesses…

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