Strange Recurring Dream

I have this weird recurring dream about San Diego. Not the real San Diego, but some squished, trucated version that only shows up in my subconscious, San Diego of my dream, like Van Morrison’s “Coney Island of The Mind.” In my version, the Hotel Del Coronado still has a bridge that goes to it, but it isn’t on an island, it is the island, and it’s surrounded by a swimming pool like moat full of various Sea World creatures that I (or sometimes my daughter) inevitably interact with (this time it was seals and polar bears, sometimes it’s whales…) On the other side of the bridge is basically Downtown Tucson in the transit center area, except with an ocean where the railroad tracks would be and lots of high rise apartments. For some reason, I always get lost in this part of my dream geography. The final component is this weird old dowtown full of shops and cafes and strange little grottos. I always want to spend more itme here and get called away. Sometimes there’s an interactive Sea World type place in the dream, with lots of escalators and staircases and water slides. One time all my living internal organs were on display there in an aquarium full of small sharks, abbreviated guts included. I actually saw what they must look like. So I think maybe the Sea Creatures aspect is somehow linked to the state of my bodily health. Maybe the transit center place is my brain and the downtown is my heart and soul. Maybe I’m stretching just a bit. Still, it’s just plain weird. Sometimes there is also an airport and soem kind of ominous flight involved, occasionally ending in either a crash or space travel, just depending. Yes I’m an odd bird. Thus is why I keep a dream journal. Duh.

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