Iced tea at Coffee Xchange

So I was walking out of the movies yesterday, in need of reviving but not wanting to break my emergency $5 bill. This left me with about $1.50 for caffeine procurement. Lo and behold, I find myself in front of a Coffee Xchange stand that offers a medium iced tea for $1.35. Think to myself that it probably won’t be great, but certainly is an adequate option. Discover, to my amazed joy possibly the most full service iced tea experience on the planet.

First, you are given a choice of two tea bags from about nine different varieties. The tea is then brewed to your preferred strength and poured directly into a metal shaker of ice. From there the tea is poured back into an ice filled plastic cup, perfectly chilled and beautifully fragrant. The whole process took maybe 5 minutes at most. I very highly recommend it, and left my remaining change in the tip jar as a sign of my undying gratitude.

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