Tracklisting for Newest Mix: Punk/new wave/loudness


Release the Bats – The Birthday Party (The band from whence came Nick Cave)

The Lovecats – very early, very frivolous Cure with coolass piano bits

Soap Commercial – The Psychedelic Furs dry take on advertising with apologies to Andy Warhol

Sympathy for the Devil – a rather odd little Roxy Music cover

Just Lust – The Buzzcocks empitimozing the spirit of pure punk

I’ve Got A Secret Miniature Camera – Peter Murphy is much more than goth

Julie’s In The Drug Squad – The Clash in one of their Ska moods

Dog In Sweden – Xray Spex “Iggy says I wanna be your dog, but I want you to be a demagogue…”

Career Oppurtutnities – The Clash sum up the redundancy of meaningless wage slavedom

Deutscher Girls – Adam Ant was my Elvis Presley, seriously one can never go wrong with hetero boys in pirate shirts, leather pants and eyeliner, at least in my book.

Punk Rock Girl – The Dead Milkmen sing the anthem of our erstwhile teendom…

Young Parisians – Adam and the Ants again, Adam and the motherfucking Ants!

House Of The Rising Sun – Nick Cave was born to sing this song, cover or no

10:15 on A Saturday Night – An old Cure ‘B’ side with one of my favorite understated guitar solos ever.

Little Know It All – The only new song on the mix. Iggy Pop is still the man.

The Strangest Party – INXS, awash in sexy Australianness

Stuart – “You know what, Stuart, I like you. You’re not like the other people here in the trailer park…” Dead Milkmen.





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