Stress alert fades from red to yellow…

Had two job interviews this morning and both went well. Feeling slightly better about myself, but I have Maggie’s IEP assessment next, so that could change. Still, there’s nothing like a skills assessment at a temp agency for stroking the old ego. I tested about 9100 keystrokes per hour on alphanumeric data entry and 96% proficiency on a version of Microsoft Word that i’ve never seen before, plus got bonus points for having a “well written” resume and submitting it via email. How that translates into money in my pocket remains to be seen, but it’s something of an antidote to the constant negativity and focus on minutiae in my current work environment. You can actually be written up for taking a 5 minute restroom break off schedule or for being a word or two off script. It’s phenomenally degrading. I must exit as soon as possible to preserve my sanity.

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