I must confess, after the initial skepticism, I’ve become quite the fan of Rhapsody. I love the on demand aspect of the service and the interface, which gives little bios and links and offers net radio stations which at least in theory will complement the artists you’ve already chosen as your favorites, thus expanding one’s musical horizons somewhat. Plus the chance to preview entire albums for a decent period of time to see if they might be worth buying and view entire discographies of artists even when they aren’t available for listening purposes. Slight frustration factors abound, such as the fact that the entire catalog of Scud Mountain Boys CDs can be listened to but not burned, therefore residing only in my computer until I can scrape up the funds to purchase the lot of them soemday. And things of that nature. But overall, I believe it doth rock as far as pay music services go. I do believe online distribution is the logical direction of the music industry as a whole and may in fact change the nature of the evil corporate beastie a bit if we make our voices heard. I also believe the glass if half full, though…

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