Bite Me

I invited the Vampire into my chamber

Because I was bored

Because it looked pretty

Because I’m no stranger to bloodletting

And it leaves such pretty corpses

Bloodless and pockets emptied but

With stories to tell in stone

And costumes and long locks of hair

And I know how to speak to the dead

And I know how to be one dead

So I open the vein

A little more

Wouldn’t want Nosferatu

To break a tooth on me

The wounds sting when they’re not bled

When the beast disappears

It’s time to start trolling the streets

Like some ratmad Renfield

Or the Ripper’s muse

Tracing the footsteps

For others of that inclination

Elusive devils

They don’t seem to congregate

And when they do it is of a dangerous sort

For the purposes of collective hunting

Of souldraining blooddraining

Of lovefeigning mindreigning

And they eat the flesh and spit out the bones

And I haven’t the flesh for the task so

Here I am, back in the chamber

Licking my stigmata

Till the wounds heal or the creature wakes

In silence that echoes

Because the dead won’t shut up

They’re like anyone else

And I say to the thing

In its velvet lined coffin

“This Sucks”

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