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From: Online Action Center Alert List

Date: 02/17/04 09:06:49

To: corbid@cox.net

Subject: Action Needed Immediately to Protect Rodi Alvarado

Dear Corbid:

Your action is needed immediately to help protect Rodi Alvarado and other women fleeing gender persecution.

Nearly a year ago, Attorney General John Ashcroft said that he would personally decide the asylum case of Rodi Alvarado, a Guatemalan woman whose government failed to protect her during ten years of horrific abuse by her husband. When deciding that case, Ashcroft also planned to issue regulations that could bar many people, especially women fleeing gender-based persecution, from asylum in the United States. Fearing that the Attorney General would deny Ms. Alvarado asylum and issue restrictive regulations, Amnesty campaigned to prevent such a decision. There has been no decision so far, but now it seems imminent.

–> Please send appeals in your own words as quickly as possible to U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft and to Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge. To take action, click on this link or paste it into your Web browser:


About Rodi Alvarado

The terrible facts of Rodi Alvarado’s case are undisputed. She fled Guatemala and applied for asylum in the United States in 1995, after suffering ten years of relentless domestic abuse. Her husband Francisco Osorio, a former soldier, attempted to abort their second child by kicking her in the spine, dislocated her jaw, tried to cut her hands off with a machete, kicked her in the genitals, and used her head to break windows and mirrors. Ms. Alvarado sought assistance from the Guatemalan police and the courts – in vain. If Mr. Ashcroft denies asylum to Rodi Alvarado, she would be deported to Guatemala, where she faces battering and possible killing by her husband, who has vowed to find her.

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