Read some Yeats Or Walk The @#$%ing Plank…

There’s brain candy for thwarted English Majors

All manner of classical literary and philosophical geekdom resides in this “portal of the open source online renaissance.” Still, there’s always going to be a bad egg or two. For example, in the Greek Mythology forum, somebody posted “I need pictures of Uranus for my project, does anyone know where to find them?” to which there were several tasteful replies of “$%&# you” because they don’t actively swear at, apparently.

But seriously, name your major literary figure and there’s bound to be a forum for them on the site. Plus they take poetry and digital photography submissions and soforth. The web is truly doing its part to destupefy the unwashed lethargic masses these days, methinks.

If you’re not so literarily minded at the moment, though, check out the guide to swearing in multiple gaelic dialects

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