On blogging, newsgroup posting and the like…

It is my contention that the web is an artist’s commune to the nth degree. The biggest Salon ever frequented. Cafe Society with optional caffeine. Look to history for examples. The English Romantics,the Preraphealites, the Beat Poets,the Lost Generation,the writers and artists of the Irish Rennaissance, all examples of communities of thinking, creative people who corresponded with one another to the betterment of their particular movements. The web is just a gigantic extension of that phenomenon, and though maybe we aren’t all tortured geniuses or anything, everybody gets to play, not just the intellectual elite. And, anyway, it keeps us polished and verbally sharp and excercises the wit most of us have been conditioned to sublimate in the wake of crass and commercial society. Plus, it’s a wonderful experiment in mass intellectual socialism, putting starving students and suburban cubicle slaves on an equal footing with artists, musicians, and political figures. Encouraging debate as well as common interest.

Or something like that.

But enough with the philospophical rumination. I’m going to see David Bowie tommorrow!

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