Another resource for all you lazy liberals

Working Assets – another great site for armchair activism. You can use their prewritten eamil letters to lodge your political concerns, or just repond to the issues as you are alerted to them. And if you have a landline phone (I don’t anymore,) you can choose them as your long distance company and stick it to the corporate profiteers. Plus there’s free Ben and Jerry’s pints to be had. Been there, done that, licked the lid clean.

For your issues oriented enlightenment, may I offer Mother Jones, In These Times which has the occasional Kurt Vonnegut column as a bonus, and Utne Reader, which remains “the best of the alternative press.” You could always buy these magazines, but don’t kid me, you’re all too busy for that. Be an empowered electorate! Or at least be a real “punk.” Or whatever. Just trying to do my part for “the cause,” whatever that is.

Lastly, an issue brought up by a friend of mine: Alaska Logging. Here’s a letter you can cut and paste and legislative contact info.

There, don’t you feel better now?

Reward yourself with some Mcsweeney’s links and a trip to The Onion. Or if you’re still waxing political, check this out…

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