Yesterday, could get nothing done to save my life. Today I started off with swiftness and purpose. Had to go out due to a sippy cup replacement emergency, and ended up breakfasting at the bookstore with Sarah, while she practiced her newly acquired counting skills (although she’s more interested in the sound pattern than learning the actual numbers.) Had a lovely cafe au lait and bought the Death :At Death’s Door manga comic and a new Charles De Lint short story collection, Tapping The Dream Tree. Have some minor household chores to attend to and will finally be able to devote my attention to the “Music For A Faery Realm” compilation mix I’ve been promising Lizzie (sorry,Lizzie!) for almost a week now. Consider this to be a mood swing for the better, I guess. Hope everyone else is in similarly good spirits. Caffeine makes the world go round, it’s a wonder that I lived so long without it.

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