Failure to absorb both a vitamin and a friggin clue…

Apparently potassium deficiency can cause “muscle weakness, fatigue, mental confusion, irritability, weakness, heart disturbances, and problems in nerve conduction and muscle contraction,” as well as palpitations, and some people “find they are not processing information quickly when potassium levels get very low.” It can also be a trigger for depression and mimic the syptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. All of this is good to know. Seriously thought I was having heart attack or something last night, but it turns out I just needed a big glass of orange juice. Allright, that’s a bit of a simplification. I’ve a tendency to be potassium deficient, but it takes a special degree of self neglect to reach that level of depletion. The catch 22 there being that vitamin deficiencies of this sort tend to keep you from thinking clearly, so it just doesn’t occur to you that maybe eating a friggin tomato or something is the answer to all your problems. Am considering this to be a wakeup call and rearranging my priorities to include some sort of half assed stab at moderately adequate nutrition.

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