Fangirl gushes over Neil’s succinct words of wisdom

From Neil Gaiman’s blog, a response to the question “which is more important, the writing style or the content?”:

“I think it’s like asking which part of a song you like best, the words or the tune, to be honest. In a perfect world, you shouldn’t be able to take them apart. I like different styles of writing (and I like writing in different styles), but if the writing’s being used in order to tell a story, then I’d rather it didn’t get in the way of reading the story. But then, I like to be able to hear the words of songs…”

Why do there need to even be other authors in the world when we already have Neil Gaiman? She says in fawning adoration. And yet I must confess to being a little bit bored with the 1602 comic. Having become accustomed to better. And wait in agony for the new novel, which may yet be a year or two away from publication. Sigh…

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