Lovely Little Morning

Got up intending just to take Maggie to school and threw on a long sundress, a sweatshirt and boots. Put Sarah in shorts, rudolph sweatshirt and socks. Ah, but weren’t we dressed to the nines?

Dawned on me that it was Thursday, and thus sesame bread day. Went to the bakery. Say a guy outside who looked like the secret love child of Tom Cruise and David Spade with wardrobe by Edgar Allen Poe. Morphed into a happy little bread fairy, basking in the elfin smiles of strangers.

Suddenly awake and rather giddy, I commence toward Trader Joe’s but find it isn’t open yet, so go next door for breakfast. Eat eggs while Sarah darts madly about the empty dining room. As we leave they offer her a cookie for being “so good and quiet.” Next to Trader Joe’s where the cutely balding, Dave Attelle-esque cashier guy shamelessly flirts with her and is amazed by the color of her baby eyes.

Also should mention I am freshly hennaed, so that next time I need to touch it up I can check when the last time was. Thus this post shall serve a purpose for a change.

Because, let’s face it, nobody really ever reads my blog but me:)

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