From my bleeding heart to yours…

From Amnesty International:

Rebiya Kadeer founded and directed a large trading company in northwestern China, championed the rights of the Uighur ethnic group there, and became one of China’s most prominent advocates of women’s rights. All these activities came to an abrupt halt in August 1999. As she entered a hotel to discuss human rights with U.S. Congressional staff visiting China, she was arrested. The Chinese government charged Rebiya Kadeer in September 1999 with “providing secret information to foreigners.” Authorities tried her in secret and sentenced her in March 2000 to eight years’ imprisonment. Amnesty International considers Rebiya Kadeer to be a prisoner of conscience and has appealed for her immediate and unconditional release.Please send an email to your Representative TODAY urging her/him to sign a congressional letter on behalf of Rebiya Kadeer:

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