Unsolicited ramblingness

TV news sucks exponentially. Have decided to start getting the paper again to keep from getting stupid. Also I plan to get and out and see some movies, windowshop the mall and all that other prole weekend crap for a change. That’s assuming I wake up before noon tomorrow,though.

Other opinions of no relevance:

1)The West Wing has begun to totally suck.

2)Afraid to go to Casa video as I fear I owe them some money or something.

3)Have discovered the joys of Winamp.

4)Claussen pickles were on sale and I’m in Heaven.

5)Hershey’s kisses and a steak sandwich for lunch, because they were there.

6)Lay on the floor and let the baby use me as furniture this morning and she got all blissed out.

7)I get all blissed out myself if people bring me candy.

8)Loving the universal remote.

9)Contemplating a different shade again for my rehenna.

10)Should be using this time to learn more HTML or to preview the Pima course catalog…more later.

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